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1. We are currently accepting appointments for Sinopharm Vaccination. If you have an urgent request, please call our clinics directly.
1. 我们目前接受国药疫苗接种的预约. 如果您有紧急要求,请直接致电我们的诊所.

2. Cost of the Sinopharm 3rd Dose is $53.50 NETT (1 dose).
2. 国药疫苗接种的费用为新币$53.50 (1剂)净价。

3. Please note that Sinopharm Vaccination will not be covered under Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme for COVID-19 Vaccination (VIFAP).
3. 请注意, 疫苗致伤经济援助计划 (VIFAP) 不包含国药疫苗接种在内.。

4. Please note your 3rd dose must be at least 90 days from your second dose of your Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccination.
4. 请注意,您的第三剂注射必须在您接种第二剂科兴或国药集团疫苗后至少90 天。.

5. For enquiries, please email or contact 88771706 through WhatsApp.
5. 如有疑问,请发送电邮至 或WhatsApp 至88771706.

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Sinopharm vaccination is only approved for 18 years and above. / 国药疫苗接种只批准18岁及以上。

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